New Labor

New Labor is an alternative model of worker organization that combines new and existing strategies to improve working conditions and provide a voice for immigrant workers throughout New Jersey. Founded in the year 2000, and with over 2,000 dues-paying members forming its base, New Labor organizes to develop power and amplify our members’ voices in the community, the workplace, and the political realm. The organization is guided by 5 fundamental principles: 1. Working Together; 2. Creating Opportunities; 3. Respect; 4. Empowerment; 5. Equality.

New Labor is a local leader in the national campaign for just and humane immigration reform, and an important local player in pushing for state- and local-level policies that respect immigrant families and unite, not divide, our communities. New Labor members have held high-level meetings with Members of Congress and other important state and local leaders, and have helped turnout voters to the polls through non-partisan civic engagement efforts.

New Labor has also helped empower workers to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid wages, clean up dangerous health and safety conditions, and exercise their rights in the workplace. Our members make up the workforce in a variety of important employment sectors in NJ, including: warehousing and logistics, work through temporary employment agencies, domestic work, construction and remodeling, street vending and other small business, landscaping, restaurant work, and day labor. New Labor seeks to develop comprehensive grassroots organizing strategies to raise standards in these sectors.

New Labor operates two “centers” in New Brunswick and Lakewood, NJ, and has a reach that extends through Hudson, Bergen, Essex, Morris, Union, Middlesex, Somerset, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties. Through our educational programs, hundreds of members have learned English and computer skills, and have participated in trainings on topics ranging from workplace health and safety regulations to the perils of domestic abuse. For more information on membership or New Labor in general, please feel free to contact us.

New Labor es un modelo alternativo de la organización del trabajador que combina nuevas y existentes estrategias para mejorar las condiciones del trabajo y proveer una voz para los trabajadores inmigrantes en New Jersey. Fundado en el año 2000, y con una base de más que 2,000 miembros que pagan sus cuotas, New Labor organiza para desarrollar el poder y para amplificar las voces de nuestros miembros en la comunidad, el trabajo, y la política. New Labor tiene 5 principios fundamentales que guían la organización: 1. Trabajar Juntos; 2. Crear Oportunidades; 3. El Respeto; 4. Conseguir y Compartir el Poder; 5. La Igualdad.