Beating Wage Theft

Beating Wage Theft

Highland Park

New Labor continues the fight to create anti-wage theft ordinances that can be used as organizing tools to help beat wage theft. Since we started the ball rolling in New Brunswick, and continued. in Princeton, this year we have moved the anti-wage theft ordinance in Highland Park and Newark, and supported the 5th in Jersey City.

Throughout the process, members have developed leadership skills and created all campaign plans. In Newark, that meant first doing 300 community surveys to assess the severity of the problem. From there, it was members meeting with Councilman Osborne and mobilizing the support of other groups like NJWFA, NJAIJ and Unity Square to get to a draft. It was members prepping other members to give testimony to city council at multiple council meetings day and night, and gaining 1,000 signatures of support from Newark residents.

But it’s not over yet. There is also a celebration on Sept 13, that will include a public education piece, store by store. So if you are a city registered business, and are committing wage theft, watch out…!!!!
And as for the state level…stay tuned…

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